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Sutton Hotel Western Wedding, Brand Fashion Luxury Mark

When fifteenth century, Austrian archduke Simillen, with a diamond ring to Mary make vows of eternal love and has continued hundreds of years; Since the turn of the century, white represents purity meaning far more than other; While wearing a white wedding dress, with the best wishes from the family and deserve to the love in life, that is all about the dreams from all the girls! But the desire to dream, but always be ignored the cruel reality!

But the good thing is, capable of European civilization, has implanted to the Shenyang city, unprecedented pure European amorous feelings Sutton hotel, the more like fairy hand waving magic bar for all keen fashion, the pursuit of quality of the Shenyang city people offer sole major western orthodox costly wedding! In this the lovers finally got married, you were the Austrian archduke Simillen who just for make lover happy, she was resisting the whole world Mary who is highness! Sutton western-style wedding, will let people to have wedding all yearning to gorgeous true!

Shenyang Sutton hotel appearance for three storey height raising of truss method floor glass curtain wall design, bright, calm and steady, atmosphere, high grade; Into the Sutton, authentic European amorous feelings on: blue and purple, the deep feeling, red grave, golden dream, with a pleasant tone of internal characteristic for decoration and famous hand-painted oil painting, in under the action of light for you to create an unprecedented wonderful impressions! Sutton environment romantic elegant, interpretation and inheritance seven countries in Europe the essence of culture; "Sutton western-style wedding" is more in depth understanding of European culture, based on the new for each pair of tailor, elegant and romantic, and honour and full of sweet!

Astimegoesby unnoticeably, ten years, twenty years, fifty years later, maybe you have lost count of wedding photographer , could not remember the colour of candle, but shenyang Sutton hotel will make plays, as had promise of make people as engraved in the heart of the advanced western cuisine! The Great British first chinese administrative chef Jack will lead strength of violent men cook team, opened to you unforgettable taste feast! 100 the following wedding banquet and acknowledge, will enjoy the European noble type a which the VIP party services; 600 people less than all can enjoy delicate delicious buffet! Elegant dining environment, wonderful music lingering ear, in the new time soul.but about beats, moved emotionally, condensation in this unforgettable moment!

So pure European amorous feelings of the building, so delicacies, such a powerful humanities style, will make your wedding is worth, special! Sutton western-style wedding, start with your new life in here!