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About us

Sutton Hotel is the only pure Europe amorous feelings hotel in China, with super five-star service and luxury atmosphere hardware facilities. Hotel focus on European seven national culture and art heritage, precised and detailed interpretation of the European countries leisure life scene.

The hotel has seven big functions areas,it manages of business and entertainment , privacy, delicate, classic, arts, elegant, stories are crossing at every conner.

The hotel is located in No.40 Honghu street, Tiexi district, Shenyang, next to the Xing Long Super Store, about 6 kilometers away from the Shenyang railway station ,and about 22 kilometers away from Taoxian international airport , is extremely advantageous location.

According to the planning and design, the appearance of the modern European style, three floor glass curtain wall design, outstanding bright, spacious, calm and steady, atmospheric characteristics, Interior decoration for pure European style, outstanding art appreciation value and cultural atmosphere.

Italian Restaurant - let you enjoy the pure western food, Steak pizza, more fragrant delicious.

German Beer House  - for you to release the real Germany import beer. Taste instant, the intoxicating glove, finish a long time ago, Listening to the European countryside music, infection with bold and unrestrained hot hot dance.

Lrge Western VIP Room- Reveal the European style, will let you enjoy the French Versailles palace banquets VIP luxury scene.

Private Pool Room- facilities is designed as international standard. Here can incisively and vividly show your billiards graceful indeed, with the international masters of superb artistry, believe that your level also will be more exquisite.

SPA Health Room- the extremely elegant space, make you feel far away from the city blatant, return to nature, unhorse heart burden, relax, get thoroughly, to achieve the balance of body and mind.

Private Cinema, Private Theatre, Luxury Appreciation, Culture Salon and so on the many kinds of art breath strong activity places, more can perfect enrich your leisure time.

As you feel, Sutton hotel is really collected European multinational culture quintessence of super five-star service standard hotels. Decorate costly, restore ancient ways, have pure Italian, French western food, coffee, and German beer. Not only that, in let you relax at the same time, Sutton hotel more provide you with real present Europe amorous feelings of all kinds of guest rooms, gather the European seven countries to restore ancient ways luxury decoration style of more than 50 square meters large space rooms, each room has rest area, leisure sofa area and self-service senior bar area, one of the few capacious, bright, comfortable, quiet. Two glasses of red wine, a candle, hazy bright in the eye, here is the dream the place to start.

The European amorous feelings of the delicate buildings, let your desire in an instant into reality, not out of the country, can complete a worthwhile trip to Europe. As you leave a unforgettable precious memory.